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  • An ordinance adopted by the Council shall become effective thirty days from and after the date of its final passage, except the following, which shall take effect on the date of final passage:

    (a) An ordinance calling or otherwise relating to an election;

    (b) An ordinance declaring the amount of money necessary to be raised by taxation, or fixing the rate of taxation, or levying the annual tax upon property;

    (c) An emergency ordinance adopted in the manner provided in this Charter;

    (d) An ordinance annexing areas to the City; or

    (e) An ordinance providing for a tax levy or an appropriation for the usual current expenses and outlays of the City.

    The date of final passage shall be deemed the date of approval by Mayor pursuant to Charter Section 605. In those cases, where the mayor does not have veto power, the date of final passage shall be deemed the date of Council adoption.

    If an ordinance becomes law when the time for approval or veto by mayor has expired and no action has been taken, the date of expiration of that time shall be deemed the date of its final passage. If an ordinance is adopted by Council pursuant to a veto override vote, the date of Council's override vote shall be deemed the date of final passage.

    (Amendment ratified 1993 General Municipal Election, April 27, 1993.)